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What is the Flipped Classroom?

What is the Flipped Classroom?

Author: Aaron Mullally

Learn how to use videos and podcasts as instructional tools to increase student engagement and support. Flipping the classroom is designed to make the best use of face-to-face time with students provide opportunities to revisit important concepts . Explore the goals and benefits of the flipped classroom to maximize student learning outcomes.


Apply flipping classroom theory in lesson planning and delivery

Create a personal philosophy related to flipping the classroom

Choose a lesson to use in flipping the classroom

Begin creating a flipped lesson by using as the platform 

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What is Flipping the Classroom?

This video introduces the topic of flipping the classroom and how it is different from the traditional model of teaching.

Source: Aaron Mullally

Flipping the Classroom Introduction


Today’s classroom is changing by the day as technology infuses itself into the classroom and in our lives. Students are more plugged into information today than they ever were through the use of the internet and devices like smart phones, tablets, laptops etc. In my opinion all of this technology is also changing the way kids and people think. People are more apt to go to Google, Bing, and Wikipedia etc. if they need to find a quick answer to a question. The question is, is this good or bad? That depends on the teacher and much he/she trusts the information that is out there. That's why it's important as an educator to learn about the tools necessary to not only provide students with information you can trust but to enhance your lessons as well. Technology is a mere tool that would be nothing without users to enhance its experience, and it can be a powerful teaching tool if used correctly. Flipping the classroom is one of the ways we can use technology to create a better learning experience, keep our students plugged into information we can trust, with the overall goal of enhancing learning outcomes.

If I were to define flipping the classroom in my own words here’s what I would say: “Flipping the classroom is a form of lesson planning that allows a teacher to turn the classroom into a more active, student centered learning environment that meets the students' diverse needs through application”.  Flipping the classroom earned its name because of how the lesson is delivered. The student performs the lesson outside of the classroom and the teacher creates some form of assessment based off of the lesson in the next class. The assessment could be a test, group-work, a lab practical etc. The idea here is to make the students take charge and get the lesson done on their own time before the next class. Then the teacher becomes more of a facilitator on the practical side of things vs. just being a giver of knowledge.

Source: Aaron Mullally

What is Flipping the Classroom?

Source: Aaron Mullally

Getting Started

This video discusses the importance of assessing yourself and how flipping the classroom will change your approach toward lesson planning and delivery. It also gives advice on choosing your first flipped topic.

Source: Aaron Mullally

Getting Started

Source: Aaron Mullally

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