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WHAT IS THIS? fnaf crazy picture. SCOTT GAMES

WHAT IS THIS? fnaf crazy picture. SCOTT GAMES

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SCOTT IS MAKING A NEW GAME!!! He is making the game FNAF WORLD! Cant wait until its out, 2016 sometime is when it will come out.


​When I saw this new picture I was in shock, I examined it only finding one thing.. The girl version of Balloon boy, if you took a look at this newly released picture by Scottgames you will see weird small animatronics. But they look quite cuter than usual, maybe Scott is going to make another game? I know he's going to do the update the Halloween 2015. But why has he made this picture? Please post in the comments if you think why he did it.​ And it also says on the top FNAF WORLD. 

Hopefully we find I reason why he has made this..


 I guess Scott cawthon has been changing his pictures from his website Scott games, and as I told you he has been also changing what the animatronics look like too (you know the cute versions) And no idea why he's doing this,  If you look closer at the picture you will see shadow Golden Freddy.Oh and I do a daily report of a Scott games each day. :) 


​Scott has now made his picture look cuter now, and you can see the child's soul and the paper plate things that the kids have made. I wonder when the whole picture will be turned cute.


Here is the link:

pictures link

Link to picture: