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What makes the best vacuum cleaner for the industrial environment?

What makes the best vacuum cleaner for the industrial environment?

Author: Sara Bailey

Industry brings a huge amount of emission and wastes in liquid and solid form, threatening our environment and making the atmosphere polluted. Solutions to remove dust and residues during the production process are necessary and the use of industrial vacuums has played a key role in resolving this problem.

Vacuum cleaners come in various sizes from very small machines to large equipment. Dry debris and all manner of liquids can be cleaned up efficiently with the right machine. Therefore, industrial vacuums are usually used in offices, shops, supermarkets, and factories. But how do you know which is the most suitable one for your workplace?

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An industrial vacuum is a sturdy structure with a body made from solid steel and painted with a protective varnish. It is equipped with an engine small enough to not add too much to the machine’s total weight, yet can still generate a considerable suction efficiency. Many machines also have rubber wheels allowing them to work well on any type of surface from hardwood and ceramic tiled floors to carpets.

This type of vacuum cleaner can safely handle different substances from the smallest grain of powder to the largest piece of scrap: flour and spices, food particles, dust, debris, sawdust, paint powders, chips and metal scraps, and even coolant or floodwater. One important thing to know is how to select the right machine for the environment. If you need to vacuum in a combustible area or if you will be collecting flammable materials (paint chips or fine powders), it’s better to choose a certified vacuum cleaner that meets Occupational Safety & Health Administration standards (OSHA) – Class I, II or III.

Below are some features of the highest rated vacuum cleaners on the market for industry:

High suction and high substance-lifting ability

When seeking a high-performance and heavy-duty industrial vacuum cleaner, don’t simply limit its power to suction (the airflow). For new users, a machine with strong airflow can be one of the most significant factors when considering its productivity while vacuuming light, powdery materials like dust and fine powders. For other substances like liquids (heavy in density) or heavy metal scraps, the high debris-lifting ability of an industrial vacuum turns out to be equally important.

HEPA filter

HEPA (high efficiency particulate air) filters were invented on the need of absolute filtration to handle radioactive dust from World War II. In present days, the ventilation system is utilized to filter multiple elements for ultra-clean air.

HEPA filters can filter particles as small as 0.3 microns in size, similar to the size of a particle of tobacco smoke (a human hair is 100 microns wide). It means that industrial vacuums with these filters provide a filtering efficiency of 99.97% even for smoke or very thin powders like fine dust.

Large volume and capacity

This outstanding feature makes industrial vacuums more advantageous than the household type. While normal vacuum machines pick up objects into a small dust bag that requires frequent replacement, the models for industry offer larger volume and capacity.

Heat resistant accessories

The best rated vacuum cleaner for the industry are designed to serve in both large factories and small workshops (including bakeries and pastry shops), where vacuuming up waste flour and cleaning the inner part of ovens is essential.

For general cleaning of the bakery area, an ATEX-certified industrial vacuum is recommended to ensure the safety regulation of the food industry (areas at high risk of explosion).

For cleaning hot surfaces, a high temperature resistant vacuum cleaner can help the operator to collect hot materials and fine particles from ovens, without waiting for them to cool down, making the cleaning process more efficient.

In conclusion, with the above features of the Best vacuum cleaner brands for industrial environment, we hope you have a clear view to find the best suitable one for your workplace among various brands and equipment on the market.

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