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What Planning Tools Should I Consider in an LMS?

What Planning Tools Should I Consider in an LMS?


This lesson highlights LMS tools to consider when selecting an LMS.

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Notes on "What Planning Tools Should I Consider in an LMS?"

(00:00-00:34) Intro

(00:35-00:48) Objectives

(00:49-03:18) LMS User Management Tools

(03:19-04:14) LMS Course Management Tools

(04:15-04:28) Review

(04:29-05:13) Reflection

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This is a collection of the most current and relevant articles and resources on selecting an LMS. Because it constantly updates, it is a resource that you will want to revisit regularly as you explore LMS systems and decisions.

Learning Management System (LMS) Guide

This is a really comprehensive resource that provides planning questions and considerations for selecting an LMS. If you scroll to page 4, you will find a review of some of the more common LMS systems available today. These reviews with active links may be useful in selecting an LMS.