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What Plants Need To Grow

What Plants Need To Grow

Author: Alli Smiley
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What Do Plants Need To Grow

Today we are going to review what plants need to grow and we are going to use Lego Story Starters and Lego Movie Maker to show that plants need water, sunlight, and space in order to grow, let's get started. To begin we are going to build a model using Lego Story Starters that shows what plants need to grow and how plants grow over time. As we build our model we are going to create a movie using the  Lego Movie Maker app on our Ipads, this app lets us make a stop motion movie. As an example we will build a model of a Lego person planting seeds in a garden, to do this we will move the person then take a picture with the Lego Movie Maker app then move a little more and take a picture, will will document each move (the person planting the seeds, watering them etc.) then using the app will put all the pictures together to create a movie. We can then adjust the speed of the scenes in the movie or add music to the movie but hitting the  music button on the left hand side. At this point we can also add or delete scenes by clicking the add frame or delete frame at the top of the screen. Once you have completed the movie you can save it and watch the finished product the export it directly to YouTube!

How Plants Grow Lesson

This lesson shows how the Lego Movie Maker app was incorporated into a lesson.