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What You Should Consider When Buying Laundry Stain Removers

What You Should Consider When Buying Laundry Stain Removers

Author: Sara Bailey

Have you just seen a sweat stain on your new shirt? Just treat it with the right laundry stain removers - they are a great solution for odors and stains that won't damage the fabric.

But how should we choose the best remover from many products in the store besides reading real product reviews? Have a look at the advice below:

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Cleaning Mechanism


Oxidizing removers operate on the molecular level by breaking the chemical bonds of the stain substance, removing its color.

Customers often use it to deal with ink or beverage stains. But we recommend that you should only use them in a small amount, especially with dark fabrics. When the oxidizing remover stays too long, it will start to break down the garment's color, leading to permanent discoloration.


Surfactant type works by loosening the grip between the fabric and the stain. As a result, the regular wash cycle can remove the stain more easily.

They are suitable for dealing with oil and water-based stains, including marks caused by greasy food. Manufacturers often combine surfactants and oxidizing removers to extend the range of stain types they can remove.


Enzyme-based products can split the stains into small pieces so they can be cleaned bit by bit at the microscopic level. They often combine different effective enzymes to increase versatility. Besides clothing, enzyme-based stain removers are an ideal solution for sweat, blood, and food stains on linens or any other materials in your house.

Formula Type

Stain removers usually come in one of three formulas: powder, gel, and liquid. The gel and liquid formulas are the most popular ones because they are easy to use and have a fast removal speed.

Users typically spray the liquid removers into clothing directly while applying the gel products contained in a bottle. In both cases, we recommend you to lay your clothes flat on a surface before using the removers. This can prevent them from running down and dripping off clothing.

With powder formula products, you can put them into a basin with water, and then immerse your clothes within those diluted solutions. Wait until the treatment is complete, and rinse them carefully before putting them into a washing machine.

Though powder removers are incredibly effective, they require a lot of effort and time from users, which is a huge deal-breaker for many.

Fabric types

Stain removers are usually effective, but not in all cases. This is even truer when you use them with different fabric types. Before buying one product, you should have a look at the recommended materials, textiles, and fabrics.

As you may know from many The Top Best Product , fabric colors are also important. Many laundry stain removers have strong bleaching properties, which are only great for white clothing. Meanwhile, you should choose color-safe products for clothes in other colors.

In addition, consider the durability of the fabric since many delicate clothes such as lace and silk, require the safest, gentle stain removers while other heavy fabrics are compatible with harsher formulas.


Stain removers are popular in every household. And fortunately, they are usually affordable.

Liquid products are the cheapest one, while powder or gel removers may cost you a little more. Removers with special formulas can have a price of up to $20. But if you just want an ordinary Amazon product, $10 is often the maximum amount you'll need to spend.


Laundry stain removers are a common household product, but this does not mean it's simple to find the best product. A wrong choice could totally ruin your favorite dress. We hope, with the above recommendations and List Of Best Product - How To Choose Best Product -, you now have enough information to pick the best solution to deal with those annoying stains!

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