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Whats New in Notebook 11!

Whats New in Notebook 11!

Author: Jonice Hyatt

At the end of this lesson, students will be able to use SMART Notebook 11 software with beginner skills using the new tools listed below: help ribbon, adaptive toolbar, activity builder, internet browser, crayon tool, shape fill tool, shake gesture, reset page tool, creative pen, fading ink, sound recorder, notebook gallery 2.0, resize and rotate objects and use the gallery content.

Students using SMART Notebook 11 will know beginner skills of how to operate a smart board and utilize the new features into a presentation to show mastery of their favorite core class. Beginner skills will include mentioning Smart Ink, Floating Toolbar, and how to create a short lesson in Notebook 11.

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Whats' new in SMART Notebook 11!

What's New in SMART Notebook 11 Part 1

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Whats New in SMART Notebook 11!

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What New in SMART Notebook 11!

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Whats New in SMART Notebook 11!

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TCEA What's New in SMART Notebook 11

TCEA Class that I attended with great infornation to learn from......


Source: Linda Rush, February 18, 2013

SMART Boot Camp

Quick review of basics and new features in Notebook 11 from TCEA 2013


Source: John Mein & Christi Ahern, February 2, 2013

Beginner Class Notes for Teachers/Students in SMART Notebook 11

  1. Review connection of how the board is connected to the PC and projector
  • USB Cord and Remote to projector
  1. Types of Projectors/Board – Epson, Mitsubishi and Intelli-Board/Numonics/IPM (Jr Highs & Secondary Math/Science), Promethean
  2. Smart Board
  • Serial # location – If you have any problems you can call directly to Smart (Canada)
  • Keep tray clean for markers and erasers – sensors become dirty and will not work
  • Tray does come off – you wouldn’t want to take it off for any reason
  • RJ 13 phone connector incorporated in the board; unhook before you remove tray on the newer models and older models are built within the board
  1. Go to the Desktop and double click on the “Run Advertised Programs” Icons
  • ON Board K-8 Lessons – Check to see if they have been installed if not you can download
  • Document Camera – AverMedia, Sphere, Applied  Vision, Lumens (Software/Brands)
  • Smart Board 11 –Make sure they have the newest version for their Smart Board
  1. Floating Toolbar for Smart Board – Have teachers experiment one at a time with each tool
  • Movable and can be placed anywhere on the screen/desktop
  • 2 Pens – Color and line thickness can be changed by selecting tool icon, line style, save tool properties (Smart Ink Notes to be used also by writing name on board)
  • 1 Highlighter – Color and line thickness can be changed by selecting tool icon, line style, save tool properties
  • 1 Eraser – 3 different sizes appear when selecting the eraser tool itself
  • Right Click – Mouse Icon
  • Notebook – Smart Board 11 Notebook Software Icon
  • Keyboard – Type on the screen
  • Undo Icon
  • Customize Floating Tools – Tool Icon (Add/Remove Icons by dragging them to toolbar)
  • Double sided arrows – Hide/Unhide Floating Tool Bar
  1. Go to the MISD Website – Show how to use Floating Toolbar to circle/draw specifics, write, and highlight (Use Smart Ink Tool Bar Also)
  2. Go to Staff, Staff Links, Technology Tutorials, Smart Board Lessons and Activities & Smart Board Basic Links; Numonics Intelli-Board and Promethean Board Accessibility/Lessons
  3. Go to Smart Notebook – Show how there is more than one way to get there (start menu, floating tool bar, desktop) and begin tutorial
  4. Go to the Help Ribbon, select Tutorials
  • Slide 1 – Help Ribbon
  • Slide 2 – Review Adaptive Toolbar (Actions, Properties, and Tools); Drop down list on any Image when Selected, Rotation is available as well
  • Slide 3 – Activity Builder  (have teachers drag –n- drop items on horse); Click on Puzzle Piece Tab, Double Click Activity Builder, Select Gallery , Search for Main Object, Objects to Accept, Reject, Go to Edit, Click and Drag appropriate Images to Correct Categories, Done
  • Slide 4 – New in Smart Notebook 11 is the Internet Browser (Pin the page, Go back to pinned paged); Under the Insert Ribbon
  • Slide 5 – New in Smart Notebook 11 is Improved Text Options
  • Slide 6  – New in Smart Notebook 11 is the Crayon Tool
  • Slide 7  – New in Smart Notebook 11 is the Shape Fill Tool (Paint Bucket)
  • Slide 8 – New in Smart Notebook 11 is the Shake Gesture (Group/Ungroup, Highlight, Right Click)
  • Slide 9 – New in Smart Notebook 11 is the Reset Page Tool under the Edit Ribbon(Last Saved State)
  • Slide 10 – New in Smart Notebook 11 is the Custom Creative Pen  and to Create a Custom Stamp  (4th Icon down left side)
  • Slide 11 – New in Smart Notebook 11 is the Fading Ink to Customize your Pen under  Fill Effects (4th Icon down left side)
  • Slide 12 -  New in Smart Notebook 11 is the Sound Recorder Tool for short sound clips to be attached to an object on the page under the Insert Ribbon ( or Drop down list)
  • Slide 13 - New in Smart Notebook 11 is the Improved Tables Features  or under the Insert Ribbon
  • Slide 14 - New in Smart Notebook 11 is the Improved Toolbar Customization Feature by click, hold, and dragging to either Actions or Tools    
  • Slide 15 - New in Smart Notebook 11 is the Notebook Gallery 2.0 Beta(Coming Soon)
  • Slide 16 – See and Sort Pages of Notebook/Project (Click, Hold, Drag 1st Icon on the left)
  • Slide 17 – Resize and Rotate Objects/Images/Text
  • Slide 18 – Gallery Content  (2nd Icon on the left – Images, Videos,  Sound, Interactive Activities, Backgrounds)
  • Slide 19 – Gesture Videos
  • Slide  20 – Smart Exchange Lessons
  • Slide 21 – For additional help, tutorials on training sessions go to
  1. Go to File Ribbon, New, Gallery :
  • Gallery Essentials - listed alphabetically by subject and point out 5183 Pictures, 396 Interactive and Multimedia, 933 Notebk files and Pgs , 124 Backgrounds and Themes
  • Lesson Activity ToolKit 2.0 – Activities, Examples, Games, Graphics, Pages, Tools
  • Lesson Activity Examples – Activity Builder, Interactive Techniques, 3D Objects
  • Smart Exchange - Create Teacher Accounts while in Class
  • K-8 ELA/Math/Science for Smart Notebook (AEGOM Lessons) – New Name is “On Board Academics” which has resources and scope/sequence for teachers to follow along with notes that correlate with core/state standards.
  1. Go to File Ribbon, New, Gallery , Search, Horse, Click, Hold, Drag Image to Blank Canvas
  2. Select Magic Pen , Draw a Circle to Focus in on a Specific Area (Spotlight), Grab Edge of Image to Move, Close; Draw a Rectangle, Grab Edge of Image to Zoom in on Image, Close
  3. Go to View Ribbon or Select , Screen Shade, and Reveal as needed…  File, Exit
  4. Go to lower, right corner of desktop, click arrow, select Smart Board Icon : Notebook, Recorder, Video Player, Keyboard, Hide Floating Tools, Instant Conferencing
  5. Slide down to Other Smart Tools: Screen Shade, Spotlight, Magnifier, Calculator, Pointer, Screen Capture Toolbar
  6. Open PowerPoint , Review Ribbon, Start Inking Ink  is available with Smart Board/Ink Software (Smart Ink)
  7. Open Smart Ink Documents
  8. Open ‘Team_ Sport_ Elig.PDF’ under Smart Board Lessons (P: Drive) and show how you can use the Smart Ink Tools on the PDF (Smart Ink)

Reminders Free Online Lessons (Signed up for an Account)

-Verify new account through your email address to have downloading privileges for your specific needs as a teacher

-Remember to save on your Teacher Drive, under 'Computer' to use year after year AEGOM Lessons K-8 in Smart Notebook 11 (Gallery Tab)

-Go to:  Resources, Correlation and Scope/Sequence, Select ELA, Math, Science (top menu)

-Look for Scope and Sequence & Course Documents, Select State, Download        MISD Technology Tutorials   More Tutorials/Training/Trouble Shooting for your Smart Board and other Smart Products 

Search: Smart Notebook 11     Smart Ink Video    5 Tips and Tricks in Smart Notebook Video

            Introducing Smart Ink Toolkit Video

Source: Jonice Hyatt