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When in the Course of Human Events

When in the Course of Human Events

Author: Cheri Lester

My unit is focused on the 2nd Continental Congress; the major people and events surrounding it and the lasting impact it has had in American culture, tradition and government By the end of this portfolio project students will be able to identify the 13 colonies involved in the 2nd Continental Congress. They will be able to articulate the reasons America’s Founding Fathers had for rescinding their fealty to the King and renouncing their British citizenship. Student will have a comfortable understanding of the religious, political, social and economic beliefs and needs of the original 13 colonies. Student will be able to apply this knowledge of the past and relate it to the present in regards to social development, the importance of an educated vote and the ideals behind our government. Additionally students will gain a greater comfort in the areas of public speaking and performance as well as various technologies available to them such as word processing and the internet.

Students will:

- Write a script and create a video about their colony, its background, key people, religion and economics

- Design a poster demonstrating their understanding of their colony and its political view

- Read and summarize in modern language, The Declaration of Independence

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Watch the video below, then answer the quiz questions to the right.

After the video proceed to the lesson plan below.

Declaration of Independence

An introduction to The Declaration of Independence and a full text reading

Source: YouTube - Posted by James Root

Five Computers and Group Rotation

Lesson Plan

Source: Cheri Lester Crocodoc

Submission Form

Source: Cheri Lester Google Forms

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