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Where to Put the Next Super Target

Where to Put the Next Super Target

Author: Beth Barsness
  1. Students will be able to demonstrate their ability to read and interpret highway road maps, city-zoning maps and aerial maps such as those found on Google Earth.
  2. Students will be able to identify small and large-scale maps correctly.
  3. Students will use the concept of Central Place Theory to ensure that the location of the proposed Super Target will be profitable.
  4. Students will demonstrate their ability to use the information acquired from these maps to determine a logical place for a new Super Target to be built in Minnesota, Iowa, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wisconsin or a Canadian province.
  5. Students will demonstrate their ability to effectively use technology to present their information to a large group.

This lesson is designed to help students understand how geography is used in everyday life.  It requires students to use a variety of geographic materials and concepts to determine the best location for a new Super Target store.  Students must work in teams to create a PowerPoint presentation to illustrate and support their choice of location.

Length of time needed: 3 class periods (50 minutes each)

This lesson was written by Sharon Shelerud.

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Lesson Plan

This lesson plan can be downloaded to your computer as a PDF document. If you would like to edit this document for your classroom needs, go to the "Handouts and Materials" section and click on the corresponding link.


Source: Sharon Shelerud

Handouts and Materials

The following files can be downloaded to your computer:

Lesson Plan (Word document)

Super Target Assignment Rubric (Word document)


Source: Sharon Shelerud