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White Rose Essay Contest 2016-Propaganda Overview-Defining the Enemy & Mien Kampf

White Rose Essay Contest 2016-Propaganda Overview-Defining the Enemy & Mien Kampf

Author: Megan Trimble

This rotation will provide you with notes and information needed for your initial research with the Defining the Enemy and Mien Kampf source documents.

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Defining the Enemy & Mien Kampf Rotation Session Notes

You have the entire time during this rotation to access and read the tutorial notes in the slideshow.
There are links embedded that will lead you to the MCHEKC site for a more in-depth review of the sources presented. You will have time to explore the links in depth and at length after today's session. The direct links have also been provided below for quick access.
Use the time to get the notes onto your maps. This session will remain available for reference throughout our unit should you need to access outside the rotation schedule.

Source: M.Trimble-2016

Defining the Enemy-Interactive Exhibit Link

Source: MCHEKC 2016

Mien Kampf/Making a Leader-Interactive Exhibit Link

Source: MCHEKC 2016