Who's Setting Standards for Educational Technology Usage?

Who's Setting Standards for Educational Technology Usage?

Author: Lauren Brownell

This packet will introduce readers to ISTE (International Society for Technology in Education) and provide information on their NETS initiative (National Educational Technology Standards) with standards developed for teachers, administrators and students. 

Sometimes it seems that the only people driving technological advancements are the big money executives at Apple and Google.  However, there are individuals and organizations that are setting standards that are in the best interest of educators, students and parents. ISTE serves as the unifying voice in the development of quantifiable standards for all constituencies though the creation and implementation of NETS.

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The ISTE Website - An Invaluable Resource


One look at the ISTE homepage, www.iste.org, and you realize this is a place with a lot of exciting things going on.  Colorful, engaging and filled with information and resources for all people utilizing educational technology.

I highly recommend clicking on the "Connect" tab - www.iste.org/connect and following the ISTE blog, Twitter feeds and other recommended resources.

Source: www.iste.org

ISTE Overview to Share With Parents

Feel free to print this document and share with parents that are concerned about technology usage standards and how they are being integrated into their child's curriculum.

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Source: Paper by Lauren Brownell with information from www.iste.org


Source: www.iste.org