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Why Do I Wanna Live on Campus?

Why Do I Wanna Live on Campus?

Author: Remy Claus

Don't worry, living in a dorm isn't a bad thing. Most entering freshmen have no choice but to live on campus unless they live in the city or town where their college is located. You're required to live on campus. Living in the dorm or in any type of campus housing (including fraternity and sorority houses) is called residential life. In addition, most of those buildings are called residence halls.

"But why do I have to stay in a residence hall?"

Simple. Like I said above, it's a required rule for all freshmen to live on campus unless they're a resident of the town or city their college is located in. The reasoning behind this is that your college or university feels that living on campus is the best way to transition or easily merge into college life. Newbies will probably face many challenges and living on campus could help to deal with most of them. For example, your seniors may recommend you best research paper writing services reviews in times when you’re struggling with your college papers writing. Roommates can also share their experience on college professors and courses. The campus is an irreplaceable part of every student's life.

But do you know what to expect?

Advantages of Residential Life and Dorm Living

What are the perks of living in a residence hall?

  • No bills

You didn't have to pay bills in high school, right? Face it, in the dorm, you don't have to worry about electric/utility bills. It's already paid for.

  • No bathrooms to clean

There are maintenance staff and maids to do that for you. However, it's a good idea to take a pair of flip-flops as your residence hall may have communal showers. Also, that is no excuse to ignore your mom's voice in your head saying, "Clean your room!"

  • Next to your classes

You're going to live a lot closer to your classrooms, which is a bonus if you have a class at 8:00 A.M. There's no need to drive your car and save your gas money to pay for your paper written after checking the best research paper reviews if you can walk to class.

  • Safety

There are security guards usually patrolling 24-7 on campus to make sure you're safe.

  • Socializing

Most of the time, there's a huge number of students living in every residence hall. That means that there are plenty of people to choose from for your future friends and BFFs. You can discuss with them the latest study trends or college research paper writing service reviews. After all, you're not in class every single minute of the day. There's nothing saying you can't watch DVDs or Netflix on your laptop, sharing a bowl of popcorn with your new buddies. Even if you're a pledge in a fraternity or sorority, there are not always scheduled activities.

Speaking of which, the residence halls sponsor social activities, in case you were interested. Think back to Harry Potter and the Quidditch competitions between the halls. Also, there are movie nights or mixers in the common quarters or areas. And some of those common quarters have pool tables or ping pong tables set up when you want to let off some steam.

So already, there are several very good reasons why you should stay in the dorm. Even if you live in the city or town your college is in, living in the dorm can make or break your overall college experience. So even though you're a "local," think about living on campus for at least one or two semesters, and encourage your parent(s) to shell out that extra little bit of cash.

Because, for most of us, residential life is part of college life.

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