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Why does the school year last 9 months?

Why does the school year last 9 months?

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Some things in life seem so natural and obvious that we never really ask the questions and just take those things as they are. One such thing is the length of the school year. Why is that exactly 9 months? Why do we have 3 consequent months of a break in the summer and not 3 random months spread throughout the year? Could it be more than 9 months? Could it be less? Today, we are going to give you detailed answers to these questions and explain why the usual school year is exactly 9 months long.

Historical Background

Looking a couple of centuries back, you’d see that most people around the world were living in rural areas and were mostly engaged in farming. Of course, not all the people had access to education, and a large portion of people around the world were illiterate. Those who could read and write most likely attended Sunday schools that gave them some basic knowledge, and only a small fraction of the population would go on to study in colleges and universities.

Unlike modern children, those who attended schools back in those days have had tons of other responsibilities and duties to attend to, and the main duty was to help their parents at the farm. Modern kids can use some of the top-rated essay writing services by checking out the review of to make their lives easier. Summer is the farming season, as you might have guessed, which is why parents especially needed their kids at that time of the year. That is exactly why summer was chosen to be that exact time of the year when children were free from school.

Practical Utility in The Modern World

As of today, most students do not need to help their parents at the farms during the summertime, though there still are farmer families that live of their land and still need the capable hands of their children during the summertime. Most students, though, do not really need to stay with their families during the summertime, yet they still have the summer vacation. Nowadays, people use summer as the perfect time to escape the heat of the city and go somewhere to rest, spend their time with families, and just have a good time.

It is fair to say that right now there’s no reason for a 3-months of consequent vacation during the summertime, yet there it is. To be completely fair, most of the university students do not have 3 months; in most cases, they’ve got around 2 months of vacation a year. This happens because they need to finish all of there college-paper work. However, in the modern educational system, a 3-months vacation is more of a tradition than a necessity it was before.

Do We Need 3 Months of Vacation Now?

The short answer is no, not really. In fact, 3 consecutive months of vacation might feel like too much and that this is too long of a break for the students. It is easy to lose track of your own progress within the span of three months, and most students do have trouble getting back on track after such a long vacation. Some of them have trouble writing their papers, so they go to college paper org reviews to find some help, and they often require some time to get back to a normal studying process.

On the flip side, do we need to make a school year longer than 9 months? Well, not necessarily. Some people argue that 9 months of consequent studying is too much and that it would be a good idea to break the 3 months of a spring break down into several smaller breaks spread throughout the year so that the students could recharge their batteries during the year. That way, they would have more opportunities to rest properly, not get exhausted by the learning process, and just study more efficiently without a 3-months long break. This sounds wise, especially if you are one of the students turning to reviews for help on a regular basis.

Wrap Up

So, here you have it – an explanation of the 9-moths school year, the origins of the summer vacations, and some of the alternative views on how the school year should be structured. As of now, we have 3 months of vacation in the summer, though it might change with time, and maybe in the future, the students will have their 3 months of vacation spread more evenly throughout the school year.

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