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Why hypotheses can't be PROVEN

Why hypotheses can't be PROVEN

Author: Karla Sorensen
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Making Inferences


STOP the video at 2:20 or you will ruin this activity!!!


1. What do you think the lady is doing that is naughty?  Give 3 observations as evidence.



Now listen to the last lines of the song.

2. After hearing the last line of the song, go back and modify your inferences for each of your 3 observations.

The Naughty Lady of Shady Lane

Answer the questions above as you're listening to this song.

Bonus point if you can find the mis-spelled word in the lyrics.

Bringing it back to science

1. Were your initial inferences supported by observations AT THE TIME YOU MADE THEM?  Explain.


2. Were your initial inferences supported by observations AT THE END OF THE SONG?  Explain.  


3. How does this activity relate to the nature of scientific hypotheses?