Why Sophia?

Why Sophia?

Author: carolyn fruin

Learning Targets:

  • I know what Sophia.org is.
  • I know that I can use text, video, slideshows, screencasts and pdf documents in a lesson.
  • I know that Sophia can be a safe, monitored social network used to enhance an educators classroom.
  • I know that students can use Sophia to learn, show learning or teach others.
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What is Sophia?

An introduction to an educational social network, Sophia.

Source: sophia.org

Using Sophia for Credit Recovery

How can Sophia be used to enhance and accelerate learning for all students?

Uses of Sophia

Supplemental Instruction

Provide remedial and/or advanced instruction to support what is covered in the classroom.

Increase instructional methods students have access to by using the entire Sophia community of instructors and materials.

Blended Instruction

Publish multimedia learning packets to further engage students in a meaningful way.

Flip the Classroom

Assign Sophia learning packets as homework to replace the daily lecture, leaving in-class time for working through problems, questions and answers.

Private Groups

Create a Group – an invitation-only environment where members can share learning content and ideas, ask questions and get answers within their own learning community.

Students as Teachers

Help increase learning retention by assigning the creation of learning packets as a way for students to creatively demonstrate they understand a core concept.

Nontraditional Assessment Methods

Provide students with the option of publishing multimedia projects as a form of summative and/or formative assessment that can be teacher graded or peer reviewed without using valuable class time.

Digital Learning by Sal Khan

This 12 minute video describes how digital learning can enhance student learning by freeing up the teachers in a classroom to facilitate rich conversations with learners at the pace of the individual.

Source: KhanAcademy