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Why You Should Not Panic If Your Child Struggles At College

Why You Should Not Panic If Your Child Struggles At College

Author: Jack Max

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Parents are always anxious for their child, from their birth until they are enrolled in a college and even after that. It is understandable that parents need their children to be happy and out of trouble. Yet, they also need to realize that success doesn’t come easy. For their children to be successful, they have to face certain challenges which makes them strong and ready for the real world.

Once your child is away from you, studying in a college that is a few miles away, don’t panic. Give your child some time to settle instead of asking them if they are doing okay every other day. Having anxiety attacks and homesickness is common among freshmen. One thing you can do to bring awareness about depression and anxiety is to teach them when they are young. You can talk to them about mental health, how is it caused and how to deal with it.

First, let’s discuss why mental health should be taught to children when they are young.

According to the National Institute of Mental Health, adolescents aged between 13-28 experience anxiety disorders making them 32% of the population. Similarly, the National Alliance for Mental Health has recorded the data consisting of the following stats.

7% of college students have died because of suicide as it is the leading cause of death among the students.
Also, depression and anxiety are on the verge making a total of 11% and 10% of suffering students respectively.
Many students who quit college due to mental illness have never reached out to mental health services or institutions.
On top of that, most students tend to tell their friends about their problems rather than communicating with their parents.

Altogether it is your duty as a parent to prepare your child before sending them to college. There are some whys about why you being a parent should not panic when your child is struggling at college.

Lowers their self-esteem

Kids always look up to their parents when they face any difficulty or trouble. When parents themselves start to freak out, imagine what goes in a child’s mind then. Being a parent, it is your responsibility to help your kid face the problem rather than advising them to quit. Be their support system and tell them that you are proud of them.

Unable To Concentrate on Studies

It is hard for parents to hear that their children are unable to cope with studies and the emotional stress that a college student has to bear. It may not be traumatizing for you only but also for your child, as they have to actually face it. In this situation, tell them about the applications which help in building attention span and reduces stress at the same time.

Indecisive Behavior

While parents are so worried about their children’s stress that they start making decisions for them when they are unable to. This leads to the incapability of the child to choose their path when they are grown, adults. Parents can always guide them to the right counselor or mentor who they think would be best for them.

Moreover, there are a few questions you should ask yourself once your kid is struggling to cope up.

How many times do you talk about your children’s problems? Does it happen every time you talk?
Do you frequently talk about why your child is feeling bad because of scoring badly in an exam?
Do you try to cheer them up or continue to talk about their struggles and why they are facing them?
Do you do other activities with them other than this?

If your conversation is solely based on the questions mentioned above then you may want to change the way you communicate with them. It doesn’t only add stress but also puts a burden on them for being uncompetitive. You can advise your child to provide Best essay writing service or play video games in their leisure time. You have to act strong even when you are not feeling like just to encourage your kid to do well. After all, it is the parent’s support through which a person becomes what they are today.


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