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Wifi Hotspots As A Technology Tool In Schools

Wifi Hotspots As A Technology Tool In Schools

Author: Angela McGuire

To look at Wifi hotspots as a possible solution for students to get internet access.

Student's don't have internet to access their assignments and to submit homework, so they have to find a solution. A possible solution would be wifi hotspots. Student's could check them out from the school and be able to have internet at home.

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The Problem

Plenty of schools and teachers are now using online portals to post class and school materials and assignments. They are also using it for students to be able to submit assignments and take quizzes. This is great, but the only problem is not all students have access to internet at home. This makes it to where not all students are able to access materials or submit assignments online.

What Do We Do About This?

As of now most teachers would need to come up with a solution or exception to that student. Where they would get printouts of assignments and they could turn in assignments in class, but it would be much easier if all students could do it online and the teacher wouldn't have to worry about making exceptions.

What Could We Be Doing As A Solution?

Instead we could use Wifi Hotspots. Wifi Hotspots are small objects that give access to the internet and are portable. Student's could take home the hotspots and have access to the internet which would give them access to the materials teachers post online and access to be able to submit assignments online. This way the teacher and the student wouldn't need to worry about how the student would access materials or submit assignments online.


1) It Gives All Students Access To Internet.

2) Students Can Use It To Access Class Materials Online and To Do Extra Research.

3) All Students Have Equal Opportunities When It Comes To Using The Internet.

4) No Student or Teacher Would Have To Arrange For Special Changes In How A Student Accesses Classwork or Submits Homework.



1) Student's Might Not Use it For Internet Access For School Reasons.

2) They Cost Around 140 Dollars Per Device.

3) Students Also Might Lose Them.

*There are probably more, but these are the main three that I noticed.


Other Possible Solutions

1) Giving Student's Extended Time Periods To Use The Internet At School.

2) Keeping The Computer Labs At Schools Open For Longer Times Before School Starts And After It Ends.

3) Doing Less Assignments And Homework Online. (This Seems Like A Step Backwards Though, When We Are Moving More And More To Doing Everything Online)


Questions To Think About

What are some other technologies you may know of that could be a solution to this problem? Possibly even more technologically advanced then a hotspot?!

What are some pro's and con's you see in this solution?

How would you teach a student responsibility with using their hotspot?


School's Implementing This Solution

The Green Bay School District Is One Example!

"This gives teachers an opportunity to enhance their lessons and not hold back on assignments because some students may not have Internet access at home," said Diane Doersch, chief technology and information officer for the Green Bay schools. This Is According To an Article On Education Week. Follow This Link, to Read The Whole Article.