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Wildflowers in Hungary 1 (EFL)

Wildflowers in Hungary 1 (EFL)

Author: denise kruelle

In this short lesson, we will

1.  review the basic parts of a plant

2. learn the English names of some common wildflowers

3. practice identifying these wildflowers

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Review: Parts of a plant

Roll over the picture with your mouse. Click on the icons to review the parts of a plant and to take a quiz.

Source: Lily of the Valley illustration: Köhlers Medizinal-Pflanzen [public domain]

Presentation: Wildflowers in Hungary, set 1

Here are some wildflowers we see every year.
What are their names in Hungarian?
What are their names in English?

Practice 1

Use these flashcards to practice the names of the wildflowers.

- To hear the flower name: Click on the name.
- To see the see the name in Hungarian (other side of the card): Click on a
white space on the card. Click again to go back to English.
- To change cards: Click the arrows < / > .

Source: set created by dkruelle

Practice 2

Can you spell the names of the wildflowers in English? Use this activity to practice your spelling.
Type the English name of the word you hear. Then press ENTER / RETURN.

Source: set created by dkruelle

Test yourself

Do you know all the names in this set? Test yourself here.

More Practice? Games? Test?

Click on "View this study set" in the slides above or click here.

On the Quizlet site, you can:

  • play Scatter - a matching game
  • play Space Race - a naming game
  • take a Test

And you can do the Flashcards, Spelling, and Learn activities you did in this lesson.

Have fun!




This video shows some of the wildflowers in this lesson. Which ones? Can you remember their English names?

If the video doesn't work, click on the link below.

To open the video in a different window, RIGHT CLICK and select "Open in New Window."