Will We Ever Run Out of Music?

Will We Ever Run Out of Music?

Author: M. J. Plott

This tutorial is for the Create/Evaluate assignment, with focus on scientific and standard notation.

This video is to accompany the Create/Evaluate assignment, which focuses on scientific and standard notation.  Watch the videos, visit the associated web sites, and complete the worksheet.

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This video, by Vsauce on YouTube, discusses the total number of possible songs that can be created.

Sounds Just Like

This website compares songs, from different genres, that sound alike.


4 Chords

The comedy band, Axis of Awesome, plays a song composed of songs of all the same four chords.

Mix and Match Lyrics

This video, a group of song clips, shows how songs using common meter sound alike. Activate the subtitles, and you can change the song lyrics using the settings menu.

Everything is a Remix - Four Part Series

This four part video series, by Kirby Ferguson, looks at commonality in music and art, the basis of creativity and how our legal system reacts.