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Wind Turbine Design Project

Wind Turbine Design Project

Author: Saradhia Voltaire

Instruction: Students will participate in a STEM challenge to design and build a wind turbine. There are examples of different types of models presented in the videos. Students can choose to follow the instructions of the models from the video or student can create their own. Students are encourage to put their unique touch into their designs and make it their own. The final models must be potographed and emailed. The Lab Write up recording "The Engineering Design Process" on pages 128-131 within the text book must be completed and submitted with the model for credit.

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How can the power of wind be used to power up a light?

Insrtuction: (a) View the video. (b) Take notes in your journal (3) take the 4 question quiz. 5. You can follow the instructions to build your own Wind turbine that demonstrates the use of wind to power a motor and generate enough electricity to light an LED.

Source: youtube:Exploratorium Teacher Institute

WIND TURBINES | STEM Renewable Energy Lab

STUDENT Designed WIND TURBINES | STEM Renewable Energy Lab

Source: Youtube: Science Classroom

Plastic bottle Wind Turbine

Students design and build the most effieient wind turbines using limited supplies. Disclaimer: we defined "efficient" as being the most rotations per minute.

Source: youtube: Amazing Ideas Channel

Wind Turbine Design using a Aluminum can

Source: youtube: