Word Project Exploring W Capstone 1 ­ Calypso Travel Club 2.2

Word Project Exploring W Capstone 1 ­ Calypso Travel Club 2.2

Author: matthew stock


Exploring W Capstone 1 - Calypso Travel Club 2.2
Project Description:
You are an employee of Calypso Travel Club, which is a timesharing resort management company. Your position requires that you encourage owner participation and promote travel programs. You are also involved with providing new owners with all the information they need to begin planning vacations and taking advantage of club ownership. One of the first things you send each new owner is a Quick Start Guide. You typically create a mailing once each month, with a welcome letter and the Quick Start Guide. You have prepared that material and are ready to merge the document with a database table of new owners. You will format the letter and the Quick Start Guide to produce a mailing that is both attractive and informative.
For the purpose of grading the project you are required to perform the following tasks:


Points Possible


Start Word. Open the downloaded documentexploring_wcap_grader_h1_Travel.docx. You may notice some spelling errors and will fix them later in this exercise. Ensure that all of the markup is shown. Track changes should not be on. 



You will find a comment on page 2 of the document. Read and act on the comment. There is no need to reply to the comments; just take the action required. Delete the comment from the document.



Select all text from Welcome to the Club! on page 2 to the end of the document (the Word Art object will be selected as well). Change the line spacing to 1.5 and ensure that the spacing before and after is set to 0. With the text selected, change the font to Georgia with a font size of 12 pt. 



Add solid round bullets to the three paragraphs under theFlexibility heading near the end of page 2, beginning withExperience exotic destinations and ending with Bonus Time.



Use Word’s Spelling & Grammar feature to check for spelling and grammatical errors, ignoring any proposed corrections. The word Your is used correctly in the document, as is the word later.  Use Word's Thesaurus to replace globally withworldwide in the fourth paragraph on page 2. 


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