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Wordless Picture Books with My Create

Wordless Picture Books with My Create

Author: Marith McMahon

Meaning making from wordless texts.

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Making Meaning from Wordless Picture Books

Author's write with an intended purpose in mind. This we know from studying audiences and pieces with purpose. We are about to take this a step further...

All books have text. True or false? False! Wordless picture books communicate thoughts through illustration. Reading is a meaning making endeavor and images are a genre of text. 

After reading Unspoken, I would like to invite you to create your own wordless picture book. How on earth is your book going to be a published piece? I figured you would ask! My Create is an app that allows users to create videos with stop motion animation. The images that you create for your wordless text are to be put into the app itself and boom! We have a 21st century creation!

Happy creating!

Let's Get Started

Step 1: On a post-it, write what you think is happening in this photograph. 

Step 2: Stop and think! How did you know what was happening in this image without words to explain? Wordless picture books are pieces of text that portray an author's intended meaning through illustration.

Step 3: Explore Unspoken. While reading, create a timeline of events that you see happening in the story. You do not need dates on this timeline.

Step 4: It's your turn! Create your own wordless picture book. The topic is "outside." Create each page, take a snapshot of each page on My Create, and the app will put it together for you! Below is a tutorial.

Step 5: On an index card, respond to the prompt: What amenities of a wordless picture book aid readers in making meaning from the text?

My Create Tutorial

Ms. McMahon's Example

A Classmate's Example

Official Lesson Plan & Student Rubric