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Author: Jesse Olson

Define work
Relate work to force and distance
Define work in terms of SI and English units
Mathematically manipulate the work equation
Provide real world examples

This packet is presented in an interactive video format. The main goal is to define the scientific term work and relate it to force and distance. SI and English units are shown with a conversion factor for working between these two units. Examples are provided for real world examples of work. Much of the packet is devoted to showing how to mathematically use the work equation. An assessment is provided at the end of the packet.

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This packet provides an introductory look at scientific work.  It is meant for a beginning physics course or a review for students needing practice.  The mathematical quantities are all treated as scalar quantities, therefore, no vector analysis is discussed in this packet.

Source: olson

Scientific Work

The packets introduces vocabulary necessary to understand scientific work. Real world examples and practice problems are provided. The conclusion of the packet has a practice assessment for the student to check her/his knowledge on the subject.

Source: olson