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Work and Power

Work and Power


Students will determine the relationship between work and power.

This is your notes.

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Here are your notes.

Source: Langhans and various other educators

Calculations of Work and Power

Here are the calculations for work and power.

Source: various educators and Langhans

Work and Power: These are the “S” in WSQ. You must have them under your video notes completed by the due date on the Unit Plan.


1. The unit for force is ____________ , the unit for distance is _________and the unit for work is __________.


2. Identify the following as work OR no work:

     a. pushing a chair across the floor

    b.  holding a wet platapus over your head  

    c. I am holding a 2 kg block of cheese in my hands. I walk 12 m to the other side of the room

    d. lifting up a box


3. Explain if the following scenarios have any work involved:

     a. I decide to get my pet frog to do a little weight lifting (but I’m going to start him off slow!). He lifts 10 kg up from the floor, over his head, and back down to the floor.Explain if he did any work.

   b. Last winter my car got caught in a snow bank. I promise one of my friends that if he comes over to do some work for me, I’ll buy him a Whopper (with extra onions… he really likes onions). We get behind the car and push it out of the snow.Explain if I owe him a Whopper. 

   c. A batter hits two baseballs with the same force. One hits the ground near third base. The other is a home run out of the park. Where was there more work done? 


4. What is the relationship between power and work?


5. Describe a scenario show the relationship between work and power.


Source: various educators and Langhans

Question- asking Higher Order Thinking (HOT) questions; use the following as your guide:

1. A question that you are still confused about (be specific, include which part of the video, etc)
2. A question that connects the videos together (i.e. asking about the relationship between the content)
3. A question you think you know the answer to, but you want to challenge your classmates with
Use your Unit Plan to help with question starters

Source: inspired by C. Kirch