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Working with Bonds, Functional Groups & Linkages

Working with Bonds, Functional Groups & Linkages


By the end of this class you should be able to:

  1. know and understand the concepts about types of bonds, functional groups and linkages in Biology.
  2. have actively participated in Review activities to review, consolidate and/or extend your understanding of 1 (above).
  3. have asked and received answers to concepts you do not understand completely.

There will be 3 groups running.  Membership in the groups is fluid; once you have attained the goals of the group you are in, you may move on. It is important, though, that you start with the group that will help you the most.

REVIEW:  Ms O will work with this group.  It will start out as Q & A and evolve to what you need.

CONSOLIDATE: You will be working on review activities with Veritech, some hardcopy of worksheets and/or TGT (but as a walking                            review).

EXTEND:  You will begin with the TGT walking review, then move on to the ThingLink activity.  


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Bozman Bio: Intermolecular Forces

Source: Paul Anderson

Bonding: Dipole Forces

Bozeman Bio: Chemical Bonds

Source: Bozeman Bio

Bonding Review

Powerpoint quiz questions

Source: Sci dept

ThinkLink Image 1

Source: Meg O'Mahony/Thinglink

ThingLink Image 2

Instructions with Image 1



Source: Meg O'Mahony

ThingLink Image 3

Source: Meg O'Mahony

ThinkLink Images 4-9

Now, the instructions are not written with most of the "targets".

Given the target location, fill in appropriate information.  Topics covered should be:

-identification of functional groups

-name of compound

-characteristics of compound and why

-there will be specific information asking you to identify which bond will form

ThingLink 4:


ThingLink 5:

ThingLink 6:

ThingLink 7:

ThingLink 8:

ThingLink 9:

Source: Meg O'Mahony