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Working with I-Movie

Working with I-Movie

Author: William Sauve

Working with I-Movie App allows you to create movies...using photographs, videos, and text.

I-Movies allows for creativity for visual learners and stuent creativity.

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Working with I-Movie is a fun, creative way to share information on many different subjects and at different levels.





First you click on New Project


You have a choice to select either Movie (which allows you to combine videos, photos, and music to make your own movie).  Or you can select Trailer (which allows you to follow a template to create a Hollywood-style movie trailer).

For this example I am going to select Movie


I have a choice of selection for Templates - I am choosing Simple

I am using my 6th Graders who are engaged in the computer lab working on a project about the Crusades.  As you can see they are engaged in their work until they realize I'm taking video of them.  Of course being 6th Graders they act silly.  Enjoy the film.


I have added music to the track...very easy to do.  You can also do an audio voiceover and add, splice, edit anywhere.  The finished product is easy to download to a PC, if you choose.


All in all  great App!

As you can is very user friendly for an APP.  Students will have fun creating movies for their projects.


The App does cost $4.99 but is well worth it for the benefits it will give.








6th Grade in the Computer Lab