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Working with Money

Working with Money

Author: Veronica Dorado

Standard CSS.MATH.CONTENT.2.MD.C.7 - Solve Word problems involving dollar bills, quarters, dimes, nickels and pennies using $ and ¢ symbols appropriately. 

Objectives - Students will learn the values of different coins and bills.

- Students will learn how to count money appropriately.

- Students will be able to count coins in same or mixed situations.

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Using the correct Symbol

Dollar sign – ($) symbol used to represent dollars. It is a large “S” with one or two vertical lines through it. Typically it’s written in front of the number when referring to USD.

Cent sign – (¢) symbol used to represent cents or hundredths of a dollar. It is a small “c” with one vertical or diagonal line through it. Typically it’s written behind the number when referring to USD.