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Workshop Safety

Workshop Safety

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This presentation is the compilation of materials from numerous sources and is designed to serve as a resource guide in your teaching.

ONLY three items presented here are law:  OSHA, MOSHA, and COMAR.

Laws and Teacher Expectations

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Safety Losers

Hopefully, a mind of safety first will follow your students to other projects/jobs in life.

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DeWalt Safety Video

Safety Is a State of Mind

Protect Yourself from Liability if there is an Accident

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Common Safety Violations

BMI Recommendations

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Be Proactive

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My Last Day at Home Depot

Better Protect Those Eyes

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This is the way I do it at home.....

You mean this is the way you have always done it?

•You've carefully thought out all the angles.
•You've done it a thousand times.
•It comes naturally to you.
•You know what you're doing, its what you've been trained to do your whole life.
•Nothing could possibly go wrong, right ?


You better think again!



More Safety Rules

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Watch It!

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What Is Next?

Information on each machine - documents and videos from my Moodle Account

Demonstration - safe use on each machine with me

Activity - Now You Use Each Machine safely


You should now have enough knowledge to have a safety plan in place this year.