World History

World History

Author: Michelle Smoak

Students will be able to: I can distinguish the different components of the forms of government from this time period. / I can analyze the growth and development of the world empires. / I can evaluate how innovations from ancient societies can impact us today. / I can list and describe reasons contributing to the fall of early empires. / I can explain how religions impacted various societies and civilizations. /

This unit covers river valley and ancient civilizations, students are responsible for reviewing notes at home and watching crash course videos as a part of the flipped classroom.  I will briefly review the notes and answer questions the following day.  At the end of the unit my students will be tasked with completing a PBL assignment entitled PERSIA cube, directions will be included.

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World History Persia

Powerpoint slideshow on the civilization of Persia

Crash Course Persians and Greeks

Crash Course Persians and Greeks


The PERSIA Cube is used as a PBL activity to allow students to review the entire unit. They are typically divided into groups of 3 or 4 depending on the size of your class.

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