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World War 1: The Beginning

World War 1: The Beginning

Author: Jessica Kaiser
  • To determine the causes of World War 1.
  • To determine the major players (countries) of World War 1.


This lesson will introduce the causes of World War 1. The lesson will introduce major players of the conflict including Germany, Austria-Hungary, and the eventual introduction of the United States into the war. 

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Crash Course: The Beginning of World War 1.

Source: John Green- Crash Course: World History: The Beginning of WWI

World War 1: Origins of War in Europe

Explanation of the causes and beginnings of World War 1.


Source: State Historical Society of Iowa

World War I: Summary

Now it's your turn. 

Using the file, World War I: Origins of War in Europe, summarize the causes of the war. Use this summary to create a "What If" scenario.

For example, "What if Germany didn't issue a blank check to Austria- Hungary? Would A-H still have went to war?"

Bring your summary and "What If" Scenario to the next class. 

Source: Ms. Kaiser