Writing A Linear Equation When Given Two Points.

Writing A Linear Equation When Given Two Points.

Author: Sara Gorsuch

This packet will show you how to write a linear equation when given two points.

This will go through how to write a linear equartion given two points, I will demonstrate two examples and then talk about horizontal and vertical lines!

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Things to Remember.


Terms to Remember!

Slope: is a number that tells us how steeply a line goes up or down. Many people use the phrase Rise over Run. The numerator tells us how far to go up and the run tells us how far to go to the right. This is also known as the change of y over the change of x.

Slope Of Zero: is a horizontal line, this has a slope of zero because all of it's points have the same y-coordinate. This just shows that the y axis variable is constant.

Undefined Slope: this is a slope of a vertical line, because all points on the line have the same x-coordinate. Another way to determine an undefined slope is when the denominator of the slope is zero because you cannot divide by zero and is named undefined. 

In math the Slope is represented with the letter m

The Y-intercept is represented by the letter b

y=mx+b --> this is our linear equation

Example One

Vertical Line

Example Two

Horizontal Line!