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Writing a Research Paper

Writing a Research Paper

Author: Sarah Reilley

Students will understand the assignment for writing their research paper.

Assignment details for Wyoming History Research Project

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Wyoming History Research Project

Informational presentation on Wyoming History Research Assignment

Assignment Details

Wyoming History Research Project


1. Research one of the following topics:


Native American rights in Wyoming (such as gambling, water rights, land rights) - pick one
The creation of reservations in the West - need information about why reservations were created in the first place and how they were enforced
Wyoming’s role in equality - Esther Hobart Morris and Nellie Tayloe Ross
The Johnson County War/Cattle Rustlers - Who was involved, why were they fighting, what was the result?

ASK: WHO, WHAT, WHY, WHERE, WHEN, HOW?  Those should make up your 5 body paragraphs.


2. Using the internet, search as much information as you can on your topic.  Using Google Drive, store all of your quotes and sources as you find them. DUE FEB. 6


3. Outline your essay. Include sources with each paragraph on the outline. - DUE FEB. 11


4. Write an introduction and conclusion paragraph - DUE FEB. 12


5. Write a 2 page essay (7 paragraphs) about the topic you have chosen. Rough drafts will be typed using your Google Drive account. - DUE FEB. 13


6. Have 2 peers edit your essay using Google Drive to comment and collaborate.


7. Final Draft is  DUE FEB. 19


8. Create a presentation using Prezi.  The information will be the same as your essay, you will write a speech to accompany the presentation: total time - 3 minutes.  Anything less than 3 minutes will not receive higher than a “C.” - DUE FEB. 21, BEGIN PRESENTATIONS FEB. 24  There will be NO sign up for speeches.  Everyone must be ready to present on the 24th.



      Native Americans in America have struggled for many years for rights that seem to be taken for granted by white Americans.  From having their land taken away from them, to mass murder and genocide, Native Americans’ rights have been the center of a number of battles within American and state governments.  In Wyoming, the two tribes, Eastern Shoshone and Northern Arapaho, have fought for rights to land, water, and even the right to earn money through gambling.  At the center of a current struggle is the fight for land.  The Wind River Reservation land boundary has been debated for over one hundred years, now a recent EPA decision challenges the questions of land boundaries yet again.