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Writing an Effective Literature Review

Writing an Effective Literature Review

Author: Posla Radlow

A literature review is a critical, factual, and practical synthesis of a specific topic. Its goal is to identify all the information useful for that theme. It can inspire debates and create questions for even more research.

But, to do this type of work the right way, it’s crucial to understand the steps to writing it. There is a whole process that goes into writing a complex project such as this. For someone who has never done it before, it might seem too overbearing.

That’s why we decided to create the ultimate guide for writing a literature review perfect for a beginner. Just follow all the steps below, and you will have a project ready in no-time. Here is how you can make that happen.

Determine the Objective of the Literature Review

When writing a dissertation, research, or thesis, it’s important to incorporate all the information that is linked to the topic. If you stray too far, the literature review will have no chance of success. Here are a few practical ways to write a solid review of journals, thesis, or any scholarly literature:

✓ Put yourself in the position of a theorist or a researcher.
✓ Emphasize how the online research you found contributes to the debate and answers the questions.
✓ Create a methodology and theoretical framework of the written piece.
✓ Show how much you know about the topic.

The idea is simple – appear as confident as possible. That way, you get to demonstrate your skills and spark debate. If you don’t think you can handle it alone, you can pay someone to help with the literature review writing. Writing service will help you with any type of assignment. So even hard essay writing will become an easy deal.

Add Subsections

If your content is too long, divide it into subsections. This will make the main points easier to the source, and the final piece will look more coherent and engaging. It’s a handy strategy if you want to keep the reader’s attention at all times.

Use Only Reliable Sources

There are a bunch of online websites that cover the topic you need. But to do proper writing, you need only the most reliable online sources you can get. So, dig deeper and browse research articles, journals, and statistics. They can help you collect some amazing and original data that will help your project stand out.

Take Notes of the Sources You Used

Writing a literature review is no easy feat. It’s easy to get lost when citing the countless resources you used. To save yourself some time and effort, it’s best to take notes. Taking notes of all the online sources you’ve incorporated in your text can help you cite the sources you used effectively.

The notes will have a full list of all the citations you used and where you added them. You can rely on the notes when the project is finished, so you won’t waste any more time searching the sources you already incorporated.

This is a very practical tactic when trying to write the bibliography in a short time. Now, this is one of those citing strategies you’d wish you’d known sooner.

Find the Gaps, Debates & Themes

Every review must be organized. It needs to have a structure and a solid argument. You can check that by looking for patterns and theories. Read the piece and see whether you covered all the relevant approaches to the theme. If there is something missing or a question unanswered, make sure to cover it.

Don’t leave any source or conflict unexplained. Any contradictions or gaps will make your work appear weak. In other words, address as many facts as you possibly can, so that you will have a perfectly finished project.

Check the Outline

Organizing the review is not just about following the theme. It is about sticking to a map that will discuss the facts in chronological order. That’s right; each development should be listed in a strategic order. It needs to follow a pattern so that the turning points will be more effective.


Although a literature review may not be the easiest thing to write, it’s very important that you know exactly what you are doing. The tips listed here can show you the ropes. Just stick to the guideline, and you will have a final piece you can proudly present.

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