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Writing Effective Topic Sentences

Writing Effective Topic Sentences

Author: Ms. K
  1. Review what a topic sentence is and what it looks like.

  2. Explain how to write topic sentences that transition between paragraphs and introduce supporting details.

This packet should help a learner seeking to understand how to structure a paper and who is confused about how to write effective topic sentences. It will explain how topic sentences help to transition between paragraphs and provide cohesion.

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Topic Sentence Review

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Definition of a Topic Sentence

A topic sentence is the sentence that introduces or begins a paragraph, and every topic sentence has two parts. 

One: it transitions from the previous paragraph.

Two: it highlights what's to come in the upcoming paragraph.


If you are writing a paragraph on air pollution and you have just concluded a paragraph on the effects of air pollution and plan to move on to a paragraph about what causes air pollution in the first place, your topic sentences might look like this:

With the effects of air pollution harmful growing each year, it is important to understand where the problems are coming from.



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How to Write a Topic Sentence

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