Writing Exponential Models

Writing Exponential Models

Author: Danny Whittaker
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Enjoy this video and the 5 problems connected with it.  If you lost your practice sheet it is uploaded in the last tutorial so you can print a new copy.

After you finish the video you will be filling out a google form instead of writing down your answers.  Please be sure to fill out the form AND to ask/answer a question in the Q&A.


Also, a reminder, you should be trying to come up with a description of the graphs of  similar to the first page of the study guide.

Writing Exponential Models

If you are having trouble, here is the you tube link:

Summary Quiz goes Digital!

OK, new way to do the summary. Enter your answers here instead of on a sheet of paper. After you complete the survey you need to look at the results and check your answers. For those you got wrong you need to go back and work on them.

AFTER you have completed the form, be sure to also use the Q&A section to ask a question about something you don't understand, or to answer someone else's question.