Writing narratives

Writing narratives

Author: Kathy Hanley

    Distinguish between narratives and informational writing.


    Explain common structures for narratives or creative texts (e.g. starting in the middle, sequencing events, etc.).


    Explain literary and narrative techniques (e.g. repetition, pacing, reflection, etc.).


    Explain figurative and sensory language.


This packet should help a learner seeking to understand how to write a paper and who is confused about how to write a narrative. It will explain how narratives are different than informational papers and how to structure them. 

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Writing Narratives: Telling a story

This packet should help a learner understand the difference between narrative and other forms of writing.  It will offer information on how to organize a narrative and what tools an author should use to create an interesting and compelling story.

View the slide show below to review techniques. 

Then watch the video of S.E. Hinton's The Outsiders to see the techniques in action.  The movie opens exactly as the novel.

Narrative Techniques

Narrative Techniques

Source: Created by me

Structure, Point of View, Figurative Language

The opening of The Outsiders begins with a flashback and then moves into the story. Listen to Ponyboy's voice and his descriptions.