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Writing on the Regular

Writing on the Regular

Author: Grace Ortega

Students will gain an appreciation and understanding of writing fundamentals. Students will also have the ability of producing frequent creative writing entries.

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Information & Instructions

Please read the information below before beginning the lesson.


Write on!

Girls Write Now

Click on the following link to read about an organization called "Girls Write Now" that supports young female writers with their craft.

Think about why this type of service should be made available for all young inspiring writers.


How to write an Introduction

Your readers will be more interested in your story if you have a strong hook within your introduction. Watch this video to learn more!

Journal with Technology

What are your thoughts?


After you have completed today's lesson, begin writing your first of many journal entries. Select an app that was included in the slideshow to use during your journaling adventure. You do not have to use the same app every week... I encourage you using whichever app strikes your fancy!

  • You must submit your journal entry tonight before midnight on your WordPress page. 
  • The entry must be at least three paragraphs. 
  • Reference the app that you chose.

Have fun!