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Writing Prompt of the Day

Writing Prompt of the Day

Author: Mary Thom

I CAN write narratives that develop real or imagined experiences using good technique, descriptive details and a sequence of events that makes sense.

I CAN use precise language and vocabulary in my writing to help readers understand my topic more clearly. 

I CAN write a short narrative using descriptive details and language. 

The students will be using a visual writing prompt and their recent knowledge from the descriptive writing unit to complete this short assignment/writing warm up. The students are asked to stick to the prompt and to fill the short narrative with descriptive details and language to bring the piece of writing to life for the readers. 

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Where and how do i comeplte my writing warm up?

You may complete your writing warm up in the following ways:

  • Google Drive document shared with me
  • In the Google Drive folder for LA
  • On Canvas
  • On Evernote and share it with my via Google Drive
  • "Old School" - pencil and paper

Writing Warm Up

Please use the guidelines on the following slide to help start your writing warm up. Our focus today is on using descriptive details and language to enhance your piece of writing for your readers.