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Writing stories with me

Writing stories with me

Author: Randomness In a youtube channel

g o o d l u c k

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o k TODAY we learn bout.....i d k um 911. 

911: 911 wuts ur endjecindnc?

Me: i cant spell

911: .

911: hangs up

Me: BOI-

also me: o k then

Source: N O G O D I E


Um. a erprson walks rthereew da forsest at nit and find a coi n , they pick up thr coin and they are trasported to place of conin s why? Bc it was a magic coin that ould read the future and also kill people if they badz, but uh da personw wasnt bad so dey was very goodz and they saved the pandas.


An accal story

no ones (POV)

someone walked threw the night and came across a forest,they walked in the forest to find a Golden coin, they stared at it for awhile and wondered if they where dreaming, then they picked up the coin and held it in there hand and looked at it. 

The coins( lul) (POV)

The coin felt some thing pick it up, the coin expects to be shoved in a pocket once more, but the coin noticed the person that picked it up was looking at them, then they teleported the person to a diffrent location and saw as worry apeared on there face.

Persons (POV)

I looked around as i felt my self in a new area, it looked like...

tbc...... haaahhaha 

Source: ME