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Writing your Biography

Writing your Biography

Author: Anne Trethewey

To provide the time for students work through the writing process to construct their own biography

Students are provided with the time needed to write the first draft of their biography.  Following this, students will undertake their own evaluation of their work, using the Editing Checklist provided, making the necessary changes before Peer Review.  Students will, through this process, provide constructive feedback to their peers with the expressed purpose of assisting each other to achieve their very best.

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Time to get started!

In completing the last five tutorial you are now primed and ready to put pen to paper and begin to write your biography.  Remember, get your ideas down on paper.  Don't get too bogged down with spelling etc, there will be plenty of time to refine your work in the editing and drafting phase of our assignment.

Editing your work

Once you have finished drafting your biography be sure to take the time to draft and editing your work.  This is perhaps the most important phase of the writing process and one that many people overlook or simple rush to complete.  Use the Editing Checklist provided below to ensure you have included all the required elements for a well-written biography.

Editing Checklist


Peer Review

Now that you have thoroughly and carefully check your biography it is time for Peer Review.  Share your biography via OneDrive with at least three (3) peers for critical feedback.  Be sure to use the Editing Checklist as a guide.  Remember the more constructive and honest you are during this process the greater the change of assisting each other to achieve the best result possible for this assignment.

Remember the Sandwich Method of feedback!


  1. Open with a positive comment
  2. Provide constructive criticism and/ or offer suggestions for improvement
  3. Close with a positive comment and/or words of encouragement

Final checks and changes

Having received your feedback from your peer reviewers, take the time to consider their suggestions and make any final changes to your biography.  Revisit your Task and Criteria Sheet to ensure you have completed all the requirement of the assignment before publishing and submitting your work to the world.

Final words:

Ensure that your assignment is completed and submitted by the due date and is accompanied by your research notes and final draft.