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Author: Jason Heiser
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Causes of WWI - Day 1

Causes of WWI. Introduction of MAIN. Completed sheet on the Causes in class and discussed the declarations of war by all the early players

Source: Jason Heiser

Causes of WWI handout - Day 1

Sheet we completed in class on the causes of WWI


Source: Jason Heiser

MAIN and weapons of war Day 2

Further look into MAIN and the causes of WWI. Also looked at the weapons, tactics, and inventions during this period

Source: Jason Heiser

Newspaper Explanation Day 3

Explanation of the newspaper assignment due end of period next class

Source: Jason Heiser

Newspaper Assignment Rubric


Source: Jason Heiser

1917 Day 4

This presentation is about the year 1917 and the multiple changes in the war. US involvement, Russian withdraw, and Unrestricted Submarine Warfare were all discussed

Source: Jason Heiser

Propaganda effectiveness and assignment Day 5

Look at propaganda effectiveness and the assignment for doing their own piece of propaganda

Source: Jason Heiser

End of WWI Day 6

End of WWI discussion and the treaty of Versailles

Source: Jason Heiser