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Author: Jason Heiser
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Invasion Plan

Discussion of Operation Downfall and the plan for invading Japan.

Source: Jason Heiser

Important Battles

Looking at the battles of Stalingrad and Normandy.

Source: Jason Heiser

Presentation on Jews, Chinese, and Japanese in America

Slides of presentation from last 3 class periods


Source: Jason Heiser

Japanese Internment

Discussion of Pearl Harbor and why it happened. American reaction to bombing and Japanese Internment

Source: Jason Heiser

Jews and Chinese

Finished discussion of the Jews and Chinese and the atrocities committed again each group

Source: Jason Heiser

Ch 17 sec 2 exercise

Pre-reading exercise

Source: Jason Heiser

WWII beginnings Day 2

Use the PDF above and this audio file to hear the discussion of WWII beginnings

Source: Jason Heiser

TRAP Acronym

Description for the causes of WWII


Source: Jason Heiser

Germans attacks

discussion of early German successes and the beginning of the Holocaust lesson

Source: Jason Heiser


discussion of remaining holocaust videos and the holocaust scenarios

Source: Jason Heiser


Propaganda assignment

Source: Jason Heiser

Battles in the Pacific

Discussion of propaganda and explanation of assignment for the battles. KMZ file is on yammer and can be downloaded from there.

Source: Jason Heiser

The Bomb

Discussion of the bomb, its production, and use

Source: Jason Heiser