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Year 8 Coastal landforms

Year 8 Coastal landforms


•To understand how arches, stacks and stumps are created.
•To use geographical vocabulary to explain clearly how these landforms are created.
•To use the app ‘Explain Everything’ to present their diagram or model and explanation of how these coastal features are created.
•To  develop a criteria and peer assess the group work created in the lesson.

Students are to use the 'Explain Everything' app and Play-Doh to explain either through a video animation or through an audio slideshow how stacks and stumps are created.

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Coastal Landforms with IPads

Coastal landforms IPad activity for ages 11-13 years.

Source: C.Lemaitre 2013

Video explaining the formation of caves, arches....

Video explaining the formation of caves, arches, stacks and stumps.

Source: Original footage sourced from bbc archive

Silent animation showing the formation of stacks and stumps

Play-Doh animation showing the formation of stacks.

Explain everything tutorial

Tutorial for those not familiar with Explain Everything

Source: dxbjennifer on youtube

Diagrams to explain the formation of stacks and stumps

Source: Sbsgeog's Weblog