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You should also obtain a personal bank

You should also obtain a personal bank

Author: Wade Berry

These kits will also be bought and sold about the GTN. The droids may be put in your stronghold as a possible interactable decoration, or could be found around the fleet inside Crafting & Strongholds section at

Flashpoint decorations can be a potential drop from certain flashpoints. They have a small potential for dropping through the final boss on the flashpoint, plus a high probability of dropping through the bonus boss if your flashpoint has one.

The flashpoints below may be solo’d by way of a max-level character with many decent gear when they are being careful. For the newer level 60 flashpoints you'll probably have to form groups with a friend. Make sure to run them on hardmode also to do the bonus boss! In our personnel non-scientific experience, the greater people from the party the greater likely a decoration would be to drop.

Companions will also be invaluable on the subject of the gathering, crafting, and mission systems, often known as "crew skills." Companions from the field is usually ordered to harvest a resource, the ones back for the ship could be instructed to craft items and take off on potentially beneficial missions. You can even inform your ship-bound companions to try and do this from afar; this is a high-tech society, all things considered. They've got mobile phones.

The most valuable decorations for getting are the ones you can utilize! I recommend placing down your legacy bank and mailbox first, that you get from the intial quest. You should also obtain a personal bank (green one), a guild bank (purple one, should you be in a guild), a GTN, along with an augment kit station for anyone who is max-level. You can view every one of the “useful” decorations here.

To obtain a personal bank, you may either craft one with swtor credits, acquire one from the GTN, if you buy one from the Cartel market, or get one from your Security Key vendor.To obtain a GTN, you may craft one, purchase one from the GTN, or if you buy one from the Cartel Market. There’s two versions, a large one and also a small one. They’re the same principle, they only look different.

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