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You'll be assuming the role of a documentation specialist at M-Global.

You'll be assuming the role of a documentation specialist at M-Global.

Author: david utsey

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For this assignment, you'll be assuming the role of a documentation specialist at M-Global. By the end of the week, you'll have to complete the Planning and Organizing WorksheetPreview the document.
Telecommuting: The Last Frontier?Calling themselves the “Commute Group,” five managers at M-Global’s Boston office have been meeting to discuss telecommuting (i.e., permitting some or all employees to do part of their work at home). The branch manager, Richard DeLorio, expressed interest in the group’s work and suggested that group members write a report proposing a pilot project at the branch. The report will be read by Richard and by members of the M-Global corporate staff in Baltimore—especially Karrie Camp, Vice President for Human Resources. It will probably also be read by Jeannie McDuff, Vice President for Domestic Operations, Richard’s boss. Any change in branch work schedules must be approved by corporate headquarters.
The Commute Group now must decide (1) what to include in its report to Richard DeLorio and (2) how to organize its information for maximum impact. What follows are some details on the audience for the report, the group’s reasons for favoring telecommuting, some problems discussed by the group, and questions that remain about the organization of the report. Although the group has made progress in discussing telecommuting, it has been unable to decide on a structure for its report.
This case study explains the group’s approach to preparing the report. It illustrates the problems faced by the group as they try to organize the information. The case ends with questions and comments for discussion, as well as an assignment for a written response to the Challenge.
Report AudienceThe group has spent much time discussing what points would be most persuasive with the primary audience, Richard DeLorio and Karrie Camp. Richard has been open to new ideas since being chosen for the manager job a year ago. He meets often with all departments in the office and shows a genuine interest in creating a more comfortable workplace. For example, he recently accepted recommendations by department managers to purchase office chairs and desks that allow employees to work with less physical strain.
As Vice President of Human Resources, Karrie Camp sees part of her responsibility as protecting the assets of M-Global, and making sure that employees work effectively and efficiently. Indeed, Karrie, who has been with the organization for 30 years, has a master’s degree in finance and keeps a close eye on the bottom line of each branch. She is interested in exploring new work practices only if they may improve employee productivity. More than likely, she will be the final decision maker about the pilot project, although she will inform Jeannie McDuff if there is a change of policy in the Boston branch.

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