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Your Turn - Plan Your Communication Goals

Your Turn - Plan Your Communication Goals

Author: Essential Skills

Develop a plan to improve your communication goals.

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Reflect on what you’ve learned in each challenge and answer each question related to the communication skill in the workplace. If you are not currently in a job, reflect on previous employment experiences. If you’ve never had a job, answer each question based on experience at school, home, or in a social setting.

  • Find the Touchstone document you save at the end of the last Challenge and open it.
  • You’ll find the questions below listed for Challenge 5.
  • Complete your reflections and answers in the Touchstone document for Challenge 5.
  • Save your work.
  • Once you exit Challenge 5, find the Touchstone section on your dashboard and follow the direction to submit your document.
Question Reflection/Answer
List one SMART goal you’ve established for yourself around communication.
What action steps will you take to reach your communication goals?
Why did you choose this particular goal?
How will you continue to develop your communication skill in the future?