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Your Turn - Use Communication at Work

Your Turn - Use Communication at Work

Author: Essential Skills

Apply your communication skill at work.

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Reflect on what you’ve learned in each module and answer each question related to the communication skill in the workplace. If you are not currently in a job, reflect on previous employment experiences. If you’ve never had a job, answer each question based on experience at school, home, or in a social setting.

  • Find the Touchstone document you saved at the end of the last Challenge and open it.
  • You’ll find the questions below listed for Challenge 3.
  • Complete your reflections and answers in the Touchstone document for Challenge 3.
  • Save your work. (Remember, you’ll submit the Touchstone after you complete Challenge 5.)
Question Reflection/Answer
How does building your communication skill support you at work?
Describe how you communicate at work and some specific techniques you use.

What results/impacts do you observe?
What are some successes and challenges you've had with communication at work?
How does communication relate to your short-term and long-term professional goals?