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Zip Grade

Zip Grade

Author: Tom Grodek

Viewers will understand how to use the ZipGrade app to quickly and easily grade multiple choice tests.

ZipGrade is an app for the iPhone and iPad that allows users to grade assessments that are up to 50 questions in a matter of seconds. It is easy to use and allows teachers to grade multiple choice assessments quickly and accurately. There is even an item analysis feature that shows data for the success of each question.

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This app allows teachers to easily and quickly grade multiple choice questions by simply taking a picture of it with your iPhone or iPad.

Table of Contents:

00:08 - Creating a Class
00:43 - Adding a Student
01:16 - Creating a Quiz
02:11 - Scanning the Papers
03:14 - Review Papers
06:29 - Printing Answer Sheets

Source: Thomas Grodek's YouTube page

ZipGrade 20 question answer sheets

Here are PDFs of the answer sheets for ZipGrade. This PDF has 20 questions on one page.


ZipGrade 20 question answer sheet (2 per page)

This is two 20 question answer sheets on one page.


ZipGrade 50 Question Answer Sheet with Student ID

This has the possibility of having at most 50 questions and a student ID.