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Zombie Science Lesson 1

Zombie Science Lesson 1

Author: Stacey Digges

Using a pop culture subject many students are already interested in we will learn about the human anatomy, physiological properties, and psychological workings by studying the antithesis of the living. The living dead can teach us about the living, while keeping our students' interest and attention.

This Unit will be covering the beginning of Brain Anatomy. We will follow this lesson by delving deeper into the Cerebrum and it's functions, and onto the brain and how it communicates to our body. By giving our students the basic understanding of how their brain functions and how adaptable it is, we can give them the tools to better cultivate it. 

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Zombie Science: Video 1

A review over Power Point information for Lesson 1. Please review and be ready to test by Friday.


A brief overview of a zombie's physical and psychological processes, and how they relate to us.

A Nice Lil' Diddy....about your BRAIN!

Just for fun....dare you to not get this song stuck in your brain!

Making Connections: Your Brain and The Internet

Pay attention to the description of how your brain communicates. And enjoy the show!

How Your Brain Works for You...

Take Notes! Make sure you pay attention to what your brain needs to function properly.

Just for Fun...Brain benders!

Your Wonderful Braaaiiinnnn.....Bent!