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"Zoos: Myth and Reality" & "Zoos Connect Us to the Natural World"

"Zoos: Myth and Reality" & "Zoos Connect Us to the Natural World"

Author: Kellee Peterson
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Source: Angela Bennett

Complete the first THREE items in this tutorial before you read the zoos articles in class.


Source: Kellee Knutson

CNN - "Danish Zoo Kills Healthy Giraffe, Feeds Body to Lions"


This article contains a somewhat graphic video - you can skip the video and read the article to learn about this news event from February 10, 2014 if you choose.

CNN - Editoral on Blackfish the Documentary


Blackfish  is a documentary about captive killer whales.  Here is an article about this documentary which will give you an idea about a current news event relating to the arguments on the topic of zoos (in this case, Sea World).

BENNETT - Zoos Articles

Source: Kellee Peterson

Peterson - Zoos Articles

Source: Kellee Peterson